Having a journalist's eye on your content, PR materials, and publications, brings huge value – it improves your chances of capturing an editor's attention and ensures your messages are communicated clearly and with a compelling angle or story. 

I work with corporate partners big and small, from international organisations to small businesses, bringing my experience as a multimedia journalist and editor to the table. Key clients have included; WWF, the Sustainable Food Trust, the Grantham Institute for Climate Change, the Food Farming and Countryside Commission, Soil Association, African Development Bank, The Co-operative Bank, NFU, Green Party, and the Prince’s Countryside Fund.  

I also work with specialist agricultural PR agencies Jane Craigie Marketing, Agri-hub, and The Ad Plain. Scroll down for more information, or contact me here. 

Report writing & editing

I know first hand what it’s like to search through a badly written report for the key messages and stories. Often, busy journalists give up, or miss the point of what the report is trying to communicate. To stop that happening, I’ll work with you to distill information, tease out key messages, and communicate these in a clear, accessible and compelling way. Together, we’ll ensure the report is written and designed in a ‘journalist friendly’ way for the biggest punch.

Editor’s review

Are the press releases, feature ideas, and reports you’re sending out not getting much response? Let me cast my journalist’s eye over them and make things more attention-grabbing. I’ve worked as a reporter and editor in a busy newsroom deciding what stories will make the cut, and now spend my time as a freelancer pitching stories, so I know what catches an editor’s eye.

PR writing & content creation

Good copy that tells a story is the bedrock of effective PR, marketing and branding. I’m an extremely versatile writer, experienced at producing press releases, features, opinion pieces, comments, news, briefings, profiles, case studies, and web copy. I’ve written everything from hard hitting business news and analysis, to sensitive human interest stories, and colourful travel features and personal profiles.

On location reporting

Many organisations and companies have incredible stories to tell – but the only way to do them justice, is sometimes to get out in the field. This is how the best stories come alive – injected with colour and feeling – and what editors and audiences look for. Not every story is worth this level of involvement, and I'll tell you pretty quickly if I think it isn't – but if you've got the budgets for this kind of content creation/ PR material, then it's well worth exploring. I've reported for big name publications, including National Geographic and the BBC, in Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Côte d'Ivoire, China, Hong Kong, Portugal, Belgium, Greece, France, Germany, and all over the UK.


Podcasts can be a powerful and engaging way to communicate with your audience. I offer podcasting on a freelance basis, and also in collaboration with a PR agency specialising in agri-food. Between us, we have experience of producing, hosting, and editing podcasts, as well as script writing and training. In addition, our PR expertise means we’ll develop an effective communication strategy to ensure your podcast works its hardest for you.


Good content needs good images – just like an arresting headline, a photo can grab your reader's attention and draw them in. I take photos to accompany many of my stories, and some have even appeared online for National Geographic UK and Vice. That said, I'm not a professional photographer and if that’s what you need, I have recommendations of some fantastic people I've worked with (who really can call themselves Nat Geo photographers!). But if you want a decent image to accompany content I'm working on with you, and I can do both at the same time, then this can be a cost-effective solution.

If you'd like to discuss working with me, please get in touch here. This form goes straight to my email inbox, so I will respond quickly.

If you've got a project you think I could help you with, but it involves something not outlined above, let's talk – us journalists are versatile creatures. If it's work I know someone else would be better qualified to do, I'll say, and may even know someone who would be a good fit.